Neol Bio


Neol Bio, is devoted to the development of innovative processes within the microbial industrial biotechnology for its application in the oleochemistry, bioenergy and biopolymer sectors.

Neol Bio develops economically viable bioprocesses, reducing the use of chemical contaminates and assessing agricultural and industrial waste, using advanced techniques in molecular biology, bioprocess engineering and industrial microbiology.


Neol Bio’s mission is the discovery and development of industrial bioprocesses for the oleochemical, agro-food and bioenergy sectors.

Neol focuses on the development of oleochemical production processes through the culture of oleaginous microorganisms from agricultural and industrial waste.


Over the next five years Neol Bio aims become the reference biotech company in Europe in the field of the oleochemistry applied bioprocesses development.


Values / R&D

To meet the needs and expectations of its shareholders, employers, clients, suppliers and its social environment from a flexible and innovative point of view, developing bioprocesses aimed at improving.

Neol Bio has invested in fermentation and downstream scale-up capabilities in Granada (Spain). Our advanced fermentation expertise consists of and experienced team of engineers who work closely with our bioinformatic, microbial, and analytical teams to develop the optimal production conditions at small scale through larger pilot-scale systems.

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