According to market forecast studies, it is expected that the global demand of oils for non-food uses will increase around 8 times as a result of the huge demand that is anticipated for different industrial applications (biodiesel, hydro biodiesel and oleochemical products).

This enormous projected increase in demand cannot be met with current vegetable oleaginous crops without having an impact on animal and human food stocks.

MicroBiOil® is a platform to produce high added-value oils and microbial derived oleochemicals from renewable sources.

MicrobiOil® facilitates the production of oils through sustainable processes, using industrial by-products (such as crude glycerin) or organic residues (such as wheat straw or sugarcane bagasse).

These oils can be used for several purposes in the oleochemical industry, for example for the production of advanced biofuels, bio-lubricants, surfactants or cosmetics.

All processes and micro-organisms used have been fully developed by Neol and are protected by world-wide patents.

Neol Bio offers this technology through assignment of patent licences, consultancy contracts and technical assistance.

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