The biotechnological processes developed by Neol Bio for the production of oleochemicals are based on the use of patented microorganism able to convert agricultural and industrial waste into high-efficiency oils, fatty acids and fatty alcohols.

Biotechnological processes developed by Neol Bio are:

  • Performed with lower energy and lower production of contaminants
  • Not dependent on geographic location
  • Not dependent on climate (temperature, drought, floods, availability of water and electricity …)
  • Not in competition with human food

The global market for oleochemical products is valued at around US$30,000 million per year with an estimated annual growth of 6%.

Among the basic oleochemicals, fatty acids have an annual volume of 11 million t per year and their main applications include the manufacture of surfactants, lubricants and cosmetics.

Fatty alcohols belong to the second group of basic oleochemicals and their annual market is estimated at US$5,500 million per year. They have numerous applications including as precursors of surfactants, lubricants, biomaterials, cosmetics, etc.

The basic oleochemicals market is currently dominated by Asian companies, which produce these compounds from vegetable oils (palm) using chemical methods.

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